Police Service Specialist

Applicants, print and complete this packet and BRING IT WITH YOU to your first testing appointment. 

The Harriman Police Department is seeking a highly motivated, highly energetic, extremely organized person with advanced computer skills to join our family in a new and specialized position.


General Description:

The Police Service Specialist is a non-certified, unarmed, non-law enforcement general status employee of the police department. The P.S.S. will be primarily responsible for organizing and maintaining the police evidence room, fleet management of the police and administrative vehicles, and conducting building maintenance management.  


Pay / Benefits:

  • $16.30 / hour

  • City paid health benefits for the employee, family plan available

    • Special benefit: City pays remainder of employee’s deductible over $250

  • T.C.R.S. (retirement system)

  • 10 Paid Federal Holidays

  • Vacation accrual is 3.33 hours per month earned for years 1-2, with increases thereafter


Key Responsibilities: The following is a general list of primary duties, and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties for this job classification.

  • Evidence: Under general supervision, the Evidence Technician maintains all property and evidence seized or kept by the police department. This is accomplished by receiving and storing all evidence collected by the police department; ensuring a continuous chain of custody; responding to and fulfilling requests on evidence. The Evidence Technician is responsible for researching and using appropriate means to complete final dispositions. The evidence technician will be expected to develop a department specific evidence tracking system.

  • Automotive: Establish and enforce a preventative maintenance program to ensure equipment is in safe and operable condition by planning and scheduling all preventative maintenance work, scheduling repairs and following up on equipment condition once repairs are completed. Maintain all vehicle inspection, maintenance and safety records required by federal, state or local agencies policies. Track fuel use, maintenance costs and compile information for monthly fuel and maintenance report summary on all police department vehicles.

  • Building Maintenance: Maintain inventory and loss control for supplies, parts and tools of the police department maintenance program. Supervise inmate workers who routinely perform building maintenance and mechanical work assisting them as needed to ensure safe and accurate repairs/upgrades.

Qualifying Characteristics:

  1. Due to the nature of the work involved in working in the field of law enforcement and having direct access to evidence and other items related to criminal prosecutions, the candidate selected for this position will be required to submit to, and pass an extensive background check into personal history, drug use, financial status and psychiatric background as a condition of employment.

  2. As a PSS the candidate will routinely work with sentenced county  and state inmate workers from Roane County Corrections, Tennessee State Corrections or other police or community volunteers. As such, the candidate will need to have above average interpersonal skills coupled with assertive leadership as circumstances present themselves.

  3. The PSS is also a highly technical position requiring exceptional computer skills and the ability to easily learn new programs, assist in the development of computer applications and be able to operate on Apple, Google Chrome, and Windows Platforms.

  4. Must be a team player and self-starter who enjoys working in a highly collaborative environment

  5. Must be able to lift up to 60 lbs, push and pull heavy objects, climb ladders, stoop, lift and maintain balance

  6. Must have a valid driver’s license


Prior Work Experience Required:

  • Any employment which demonstrates the candidate’s proven, reliable ability to:

    • Work in collaborative teams to find solutions, yet be able to implement work independently with limited supervision

    • Develop work-around solutions to new or existing problems

    • Demonstrated highly organized and planning skills dealing with multi-faceted programs

    • Multi-task and prioritize assignments and commitments


  • Although not required, previous law enforcement employment (separation in good standing) is highly desired.


Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma/GED

  • College degree highly desired

  • Evidence and/or crime scene processing courses highly desired

You will be notified by email regarding further testing dates. Please do not call the police department regarding this position. 

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